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Our First Review (Sort Of)


Here’s what the official European Slam Days blog had to say about us:

The quality of the work is, as can be expected, unbelievably high. Themes of personal confidence, self identification and love are broadly addressed in each poem, with an overt play on the use of language adding a truly European and somewhat academic dimension to the performance. The use of staging also adds an extra sheen of professionalism to the proceedings, to create a truly original and detailed work. Stand out slams include a slight but profound German piece about a petal in the wind, and a lonely girls paranoid monologue about fish sticks, conversation and wild living.

I got the quote from here; there are also some video fragments of the performances. Interesting, huh? Did you feel “truly European”? Or, for that matter, “academic”?

– Bohdan

PS This post is pretty cool, I thought.

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  1. neil permalink
    18/10/2009 11:17

    about the “academic” thing… image us in textbooks in a few years with kids hating us for existing at all ;°p A couple of days ago, we were interviewed by a young lady who’s working on a dissertation about slam poetry and it’s pedagogical virtues. can u picture me being interviewed??


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