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What’s up fellaz!


So, everyone’s back home, i take it most of us haven’t even started working on our texts for the upcoming shows, and Hélène’s already working on the scheduling of the dates and venues for the tour. i’ve performed twice since i’ve been back: once in Mons for our monthly official slam Session @ La Maison Folie, and once in Reims for the opening of new season and the official inauguration of the Ligue Slam de France. Also, i’ve been going from school to school doing workshops with primary school kids, preparing them for a huge competition on 24th of April 2010. i keep recording new Ukulele songs every now and then, practicing on bass and guitar, and i’m also involved in a couple of theater plays here in Mons as an amateur actor. And all this is really cool, but it doesn’t pay the rent… Berlin was really great: a weekly pass for the U-Bahn, some money for food, a youth hostel room and nothing to worry about but writing and rehearsing! Miss those days! Miss the people we’ve met there and the unreal atmosphere of joyful and unpretentious moments!

What have you guys been up to?


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