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Sound Documents Belgium – Trains, Places, People


some impressions of the tour in belgium. if you have some time…

sound documents belgium

departure from eichstätt, trains to belgium, arrival liège, bus to la zone, first meal in la zone, rehearsal, meal again, walking trough the snow to the youth hostel in liège, walking through the nightclub-street in liège, kebab in mons, train station bruxelles, at la grande place, going to the ‘church’ of bruxelles, in the cafe acardie, bruxelles by night, in the cafe central, el greco exhibition, waiting for the train to liège (with animals), back in liège, xtiane in la zone, at the 123 in bruxelles after the show, departure in the morning at the bruxelles train station.


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  1. 19/02/2010 20:50

    Ludwig, this is amazing, thanks! It really brings back the whole trip very vividly. Pictures coming soon, promise! – Bohdan

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