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Warsaw Gig – Pics & Report


Hey all! First off, pictures – just click here.

Next, here’s a brief account from our Warsaw show; I’ve promised myself I’d post one before we go to Lisbon and Lyon, and, well, my bus leaves in like 6 hours, but it still counts as before. You will, however, have to make do with bullet points – no time to edit a full-blown travelogue anymore. Here goes:

  • We had a meal in the Lorelei cafe; this counts as a success, because (as my friends run the place) I knew the cook had recently gotten drunk and wandered off for a few days, then came back with a black eye and a story about how a girl beat him up. The food was good, though, so I guess he receovered.
  • Domi, Paula & Ludwig tried to change their train tickets to stay longer, and experienced first hand the power of an old lady protected by a sheet of glass. Tickets were not changed.
  • Ludwig stated officially the sound technician at the venue was one of the nicest he had ever worked with; which was great, because this was the same guy who had helped me out way back when I was running the first poetry slam in the country. Way to celebrate the 7th anniversary of slam in Poland.
  • Towards the end of the soundcheck, people were already trickling in, so we took turns hiding behind Ludwig’s DJ table to mutter our texts to ourselves nervously.
  • The place was packed – there had been quite a lot of media coverage beforehand, so we got a local news station doing interviews and a guy making a documentary for a film school project. Ah, fame.
  • Our first group-of-three-poets show went really well. Smoke and MIrrors are rockstars, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.Poeple reacted very positively, and I had good fedback even from the kind of friends who I know would have criticised us (constructively!) if there had been any grounds for it.
  • We then sat through a slam in Polish, which was more fun for some and less for others, although not necessarily the way you think.
  • The evening ended with a nice meal of Polish specialties, and as it got later the conversation grew more and more surreal. Good times were had by all, as evidenced by the wild scramble to catch the train on the morning after.

Roll on Lisbon!

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